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We're building an ecosystem for student entrepreneurship at Purdue.

As students, we see the value in startups as a vehicle to drive innovation. We believe more students should be thinking about entrepreneurship and college is the perfect place to start. By creating an ecosystem of resources and a close-knit community, we can boost the number of student founders and startups on campus.

The Anvil is a student-run organization at Purdue University whose mission is to inspire and empower the entrepreneurs of Purdue University and the Greater Lafayette, Indiana, community by providing a launchpad for student founders and startups through mentorship, programming, and resources.

Join us on our journey to spread entrepreneurship across Purdue. Schedule a meeting with us here and see how you can help!

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The Anvil Team is a small group of talented individuals who care deeply about Purdue's entrepreneurship community. We are always looking for new members to join us on our mission of expanding Purdue's startup ecosystem.

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