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The best group of speakers — Founders, VCs, Specialists, and Purdue Alums. Access to individuals in a large network. Infinite value added.
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The Forum is an event for students to engage with incredible people that have experienced a variety of things when going on their entrepreneurial journey.
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Notable Guests

Ami Yoshimura

Co-Founder of DropoutDAO

Charles Adler

Co-Founder of Kickstarter

Jason T.

Founder of Greyhouse Coffee

Paul Stahura

Board Member @ Donuts Inc.

T.A. McCann

Managing Director @ Pioneer

Jonathan Chang

Founder of GenZScouts

Robin Fleming

Founder of Anvl

Michael McHugh

Co-Founder of Nomad Rides

Juliana Casavan

Startup Coach

Brian Casserly

Partner @ Gutwein Law

Arnold Chen

Managing Director @ BDMC

Bill Arnold

Assistant VP @ Purdue Foundry

Jessica Tenuta

Co-Founder of Packback

Riana Lynn

Founder of FoodTrace

David Imel

Researcher/Writer @ MKBHD


Our next event is 03.29.22 with David Imel from MKBHD.
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