Success Stories

To Those Who Are Changing Everything.

On-the-rise designer Akshay Murthy has been producing stunning graphics for the NBA, FIBA, and the Jaffna Stallions. He worked as a product designer for a startup called Pondr.

Dropping out from Purdue, Prahasith Veluvolu co-founded Mimir, a cloud-based service that provides tools for teaching computer science courses. Mimir was recently acquired by HackerRank, a popular platform for practicing and hosting online coding interviews.


Mike Asem co-founded The Anvil and paved the path for the entire entrepreneurship ecosystem at Purdue to be fundamentally changed for the better.

Yarkin Sakucoglu co-founded Socio, a SaaS company that helps enterprises power their virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Socio got acquired by Cisco in 2022 to integrate with the Webex platform.


Thomas Stahura is an entrepreneur who is focused on creating tools for anyone to be able to create anything. His current venture Quasi is an AI platform that enables creation on an unprecedented scale.

Co-Founder of Perceive, Everett Berry has been widely recognized as a leading innovator in retail analytics.


Co-Founder of Presso,
‍Nishant Jain is redefining the clothing care industry with cutting-edge technology to make on demand clothing accessible to everyone.


Anuj Mehta is forging a new path as an entrepreneur the startup world with his startup Glimpse.


Christopher Jing co-founded AeonCharge, a platform enabling electric vehicle drivers to locate, activate, and pay for charging sessions across different providers all in one app.


Anuraag Yachameneni co-founded Ladder in order to build a better hiring system for the construction field. Ladder was backed by YCombinator in 2020.


Recently backed by YCombinator, Lin Sun Fa consistently pushes the boundaries to bring forth a new era for the EVΒ market with his startup AeonCharge.

Sameer Kapur pioneered many ventures throughout his time at The Anvil. With his most recent startup Burst is now backed by PearVC, Sameer is well-known for his tenacity and passion for creating tools to help others.

In 2015, Kyle McNulty co-founded Perceive, a technology company that optimizes staff training for retail stores by curating video replays of customers' best and worst shopping experiences.

Kushal Negi sparked a rental furnishing revolution with his company Glimpse which went on to be backed by YCombinator.


Co-Founder of AeonCharge, Dwi Sutandar is expanding the possibilities for electric vehicle owners by providing access to more resources than ever.


On-the-rise CIO, Jacobi Petrucciani co-founded Mimir, a virtual learning center featuring an automated assignment grading system.


By transforming rental spaces with unique furnishing options, Akash Raju is changing the industry with his startup Glimpse.


Colton Voege (CTO) wrote the initial web app for Mimir, which now has been acquired by HackerRank.

Developer and CTO, Alihan Ozbayrak co-founded Socio with the ultimate goal of providing maximum connection with minimum hassle.

Chris MacPherson was one of the co-founders of The Anvil as an organization. He actively worked to bring up the entrepreneurship scene in the midwestern region.

Thibault Corens shattered multiple barriers with his work on Presso, a full-stack automation startup using robotics and AI to reinvent how humans clean clothes.


As the world is constantly changing, startups are changing too. Our ecosystem is constantly adapting to give future entrepreneurs the power and flexibility to do whatever needs doing.

There are an incredible number of startups that have been incubated and accelerated throughout our history. Companies such as Socio, Glimpse, Perceive, and so many more have went and raised rounds, gotten acquired, and made a positive impact on the world.

Throughout this semester, we will be updating this page to highlight past startups that have gone on to accomplish incredible things. Stay tuned.

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