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Founder's Handbook

Envision is a virtual student-led, student-built accelerator, helping diverse founders build their companies. Their Open Source Resource Library houses some of the best content on the web. Check out their documents on every part of the startup process.

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Executive Office Hours

Schedule office hours with an executive board member of The Anvil team to learn more about the entrepreneurship community, get help on a startup, or offer support to other entrepreneurs. Sessions are very flexible to what you need help with as we are here to support you.

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The Wealth Manual

The Manual is a curated library of wealth planning resources for startup founders and employees. It is an incredible resource with an intuitive user interface so any and all information is easy accessible.

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Co-Founder Matching

Match with other co-founders based on your preferences for interests, skills, location, and more, and start building your company. This is one of a kind as this platform is designed exclusively for Purdue students.

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The Anvil DAO

The Anvil DAO represents the intersection of technology and the future. The Anvil DAO is a home for the Web3 OGs who can’t and won’t stop seeing all the ways innovation can change the world for good. They are leading the charge, breaking boundaries, and paving the way for others to follow. We partnered with the Boiler Blockchain Club to bring the future of communities as we know it to you.

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