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The Boiler

Purdue's Student Run Startup Accellerator

The longest running and most successful initiative of The Anvil, The Boiler is back for our fifth year enabling student startups in the Purdue community. The Boiler is a pre-seed accelerator with a mission of taking early stage startups from Purdue students and giving them the resources they need to succeed and generate revenue.

Applications for The Boiler 2019 are Open! Find more about this year's program here

Olivia Cane of Unibubbles wins the 4th annual Boiler Accellerator
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Crossing State Street

Purdue's First Social Entrepreneurship Competition

In November 2018, The Anvil hosted Purdue’s first social entrepreneurship competition. Named Crossing State Street, metaphorically bridging our campus, it consisted of multidisciplinary teams which created a business plan of a social enterprise. We partnered with Care For Friends, a nonprofit based in Chicago, to have a common goal, solving the communication between services and the homeless population.

Students collaborate in the Crossing State Street competition