Crossing State Street.

Purdue's First Social Entrepreneurship Competition

In November 2018, The Anvil hosted Purdue’s first social entrepreneurship competition. Named Crossing State Street, metaphorically bridging our campus, it consisted of multidisciplinary teams which created a business plan of a social enterprise. We partnered with Care For Friends, a nonprofit based in Chicago, to have a common goal, solving the communication between services and the homeless population.

This event happens every fall. Stay tuned for Crossing State Street 2020!

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Crossing state street is an event at the cross section of a Hackathon and a Business Model Competition whose focus it is to bring students from diverse backgrounds to design a solution and deploy a sustainable business model that a nonprofit can follow to address the technical problems they face so that they may better serve their communities.

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Crossing Street brings students from all of Purdue's colleges to form into diverse teams that can develop solutions and busines models around a major problem the nonprofit, Care For Friends faces that can then be implemented.

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