The all-new Charge Event redefines the meaning of experiential learning. With hand-selected activities and lessons only taught at the elite business schools, Charge offers a powerful experience that will transform the way you learn about entrepreneurship and what the world of business is truly all about. Entrepreneurship is one of the most risky things that people can do, so having the proper knowledge and understanding of key aspects of business is crucial for success.

Charge is designed with that in mind to teach the essential concepts in fun and engaging ways. The activities throughout the event will cover many topics such as ideation, teamwork, competitive analysis, and much more.

initiative Information

The Objective

The Anvil’s core objective with this initiative is to lower the barrier to entry into the entrepreneurship community and to make access to information as easy and fun as possible. At our core, we want to create a community that is thriving with diverse ideas from unique backgrounds, and Charge makes that first step that much more accessible.

Team Formation
Product Development

SEPTEMBER 16th, 2021

The startup experience for all students.


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